Singer Wang Leehom apologizes after ex-wife publicly accuses him of having multiple affairs

Singer Wang Leehom apologizes after ex-wife publicly accuses him of having multiple affairsSinger Wang Leehom apologizes after ex-wife publicly accuses him of having multiple affairs
Jiselle Lee
December 20, 2021
Wang Leehom’s ex-wife, Lee Jinglei, alleged the famous singer cheated on her multiple times throughout their marriage, including with prostitutes, mistresses and a married woman.
Divorce announcement
On Wednesday, the U.S.-born Taiwanese pop singer shocked fans by announcing on his Facebook page that he is divorcing Lee, his wife of eight years. The couple have three children together. In his statement, he said his private life is “very simple and very pure,” so he would not be responding to any media requests. He said that despite their already filing for divorce and living apart, he and Lee will always be family.
Two days after the divorce announcement, Lee posted a nine-page statement on Instagram where she revealed details about her and Wang’s marriage. She said that their relationship was often unfair to her, and she was taken advantage of from the start.
Ex-wife speaks out
Lee, who is 10 years younger than Wang, spoke about how she first met Wang when she was only 16 years old. He had wooed her by chatting on the phone for over an hour every time he called and holding her hand when they went out. The day after they first had sex, he told her he did not want a relationship, according to her statement.
When they got married, she said she was forced to sign an unfair prenuptial agreement that would prevent her from sharing Wang’s wealth, whereas she now no longer feels that the property gained during their marriage only belongs to Wang. She claims that everything he has earned over the past eight years was a result of their joint partnership as husband and wife.
Lee also spoke about how she had to give up her job and her personal life under pressure from Wang to bear children.
“Most of the time during our marriage, I’m either preparing to get pregnant, pregnant, or nursing after giving birth … of course, I like children myself, and I was the one who agreed to have them, but if I had known after having these three children you will leave our family because you want to live a ‘single’ life, and I would need to raise the three children as a de facto single parent, I would never have agreed,” she said, according to Taiwan News.
She said Wang was unfaithful to her with prostitutes and other celebrities and had an affair with a married woman.
At the end of her statement, Lee wrote, “I also hope you can face yourself honestly, ignore the world’s judgment, and be with the right person.”
Her cryptic final words have added fuel to the rumor that Wang has been in a closeted relationship with male concert pianist Li Yundi for the past eight years, which Wang has denied multiple times.
A rebuttal and an apology
Wang posted a rebuttal on Facebook where he denied being with his wife starting when she was 16 years old.
He claimed that she blackmailed him for five years after becoming pregnant with their first child, threatening to not let him see their baby.
His rebuttal caused Lee to say that Wang was ‘gaslighting’ her and he later apologized to Lee on his official Weibo account for what he did during their relationship and owned up to the downfall of their marriage.
“Having divorced, arguing about the past is meaningless,” he said. “From now on, I will pay attention to my words and deeds. I will take on the responsibilities of a father, son, and public figure. I will financially support Jinglei and the children as much as possible.”
He has promised to put down the house Lee and his kids live in under her name and quit work temporarily to help her raise the children and clear the problems they have between them. 
Further responses
Lee also claimed that he was diagnosed with a “sex addiction” and a “narcissistic personality disorder” in response to Wang’s apology.
Wang is best known for his heartfelt love songs from the early 2000s, such as “Kiss Goodbye,” “Xin Tiao,” “Ni Bu Zai” and many more. The 45-year-old singer was born in New York and went to Williams College and Berklee College of Music, where he received honorary doctoral degrees.
As a result of the conflict between Lee and Wang, three Chinese companies have dropped Wang from partnerships, according to Taipei Times. Infiniti Motor Company, Chow Tai Seng Jewelry and Dushulang Electronics have either dropped the singer or have declined to renew their contracts with the singer going forward.
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