Singaporean Woman Overcomes Insecurities From Her Youth After Discovering Martial Arts

Singaporean Woman Overcomes Insecurities From Her Youth After Discovering Martial Arts
Ryan General
December 13, 2016
Qin Yunquan lacked self-confidence when she was a teenager. Today, at 27 years old, she claims she is no longer an insecure girl, and you better believe it.
As one of the recipients of the Queen’s Young Leaders Award 2017, there is enough proof to back up her claim as a very confident and capable woman. The self-defence instructor was recognized for her initiative of teaching martial arts to children and women so that they are able to protect themselves.
Her achievements and her inspiring transformation were also highlighted in the pilot entry of the video series created by The Straits Times called Heroes Among Us.”
The series will feature different stories of Singaporeans who were able to overcome struggles to fulfill their dreams and do wonders with their abilities. In the episode that featured Qin, narrated how she struggled fitting in during high school up until junior college for being overweight.
“I felt like a social outcast and decided to lose weight drastically,” she was quoted as saying.
In her dedication to rid of her fats quickly, she began a rigorous exercise regimen and forced herself to eat only one meal a day. She lost too much weight that her doctor would later warn her in 2007 that if she lost another 2kg, it would kill her.
Ridding of her weight-loss regime completely, she looked for a different hobby and found the Israeli-developed martial arts technique called the Kapap. And she did not look back since,
Hr discipline and dedication would eventually earn him the reins of Kapap Academy Singapore from her master Teo Yew Chye in 2013. While the academy offers regular Kapap classes and programs, it  also gives free self-defence lessons for the elderly, women, and children.
“(We) teach our students to train and respond like a bodyguard… to overcome fear,”  Qin revealed.
Qin, is one of 60 young people from the Commonwealth receiving the Queen’s Young Leaders Award 2017 which is part of the Queen’s Young Leaders Programme. The recognition pays tribute to the achievements of the younger population aged 18 to 29 who, at their young age, have become inspiring leaders in their communities.
To receive her award, Qin is set to meet Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace next year.
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