Singaporean Singer Loses 44 Pounds In Order to Sing Better

Singaporean singer Jeremy Teng was comfortable with his 120 kg (265 lb) weight, but after it took a toll on his vocals and health, he decided that it was time to shed some pounds.
According to AsiaOne, Teng is now 20 kgs (44 lbs) lighter compared to when he joined and won the Japanese singing TV competition Nodojiman back in 2014. The singer said that he felt he was under-performing and gets tired easily because of the extra weight.
“I felt I was not performing as well as before. I was not as energetic. I felt that my vocals lacked the power they used to have,” Teng said.
The 22-year-old returned to the competition which is also holding an Asian-wide audition for the first time. Before, show producers had scouted singers to decide who gets to compete — Teng was invited after producers discovered his YouTube video.
Teng weighed 120 kg when he joined the Japanese singing competition and revealed that he reached 138 kg, which was his heaviest. After his efforts and making it to his present weight, he hopes to drop it down further to 80 kg.
At present, Teng has regular gigs at Japanese restaurants Tomo Izakaya at Clarke Quay and Enbu at Suntec City. He was approached by both establishments after seeing his performance at the Nodojiman two years ago.
But like any dreamer, Teng wants more for his music career. He said that a recording contract is something that he has been hoping for.
“A recording contract is something that I have been dreaming of, but I will take one step at a time,” Teng said.
Well, admittedly, the first step he has taken is through his fitness journey. To be able to lose weight to improve his vocals, Teng said he follows a diet and exercise regimen. This means brisk walking on the treadmill everyday for 40 minutes and minimizing his food intake.
“I brought down the volume of food that I would usually consume. I used to be able to eat two bowls of rice. I would eat whenever I felt hungry. I would eat my family’s leftovers,” he said.
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