Wholesome Pilot Switches Shifts to Surprise His Parents on Flight to Singapore

A Singaporean pilot from Jetstar Asia has gone viral online for an amazingly sweet surprise that he pulled for his parents as they boarded their flight home after a vacation.

Raphael Leong, a first-year pilot, had always dreamed of flying his parents in an airplane, and this dream of his recently came true as his family were coming home to Singapore from Ho Chi Minh City to conclude their vacation, Mashable reported.

After realizing that they were on their way home from Vietnam, Leong immediately asked to swap with his colleague. Fortunately, his colleague agreed and he was able to fly his parents personally.

Right before the flight, Leong took the microphone to proudly announce that that flight was very special for him because his parents were on board. In a hilarious turn of events, however, Leong’s mother wasn’t in her seat when he spoke on the microphone.

It was only his father present at the time and his mother was apparently in the lavatory, but she was still able to hear her son’s voice.

Featured image screenshot via Facebook / Jetstar Asia

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