Singaporean Passenger Outraged After KLM Airlines Gives Her Just $15 for Destroyed Luggage

Singaporean Passenger Outraged After KLM Airlines Gives Her Just $15 for Destroyed LuggageSingaporean Passenger Outraged After KLM Airlines Gives Her Just $15 for Destroyed Luggage
Carl Samson
October 13, 2016
A plane passenger took her anger to social media when she found that her luggage, crushed during flight, would be compensated for a measly amount.
Xiang Ying’s luggage was crushed during a flight with KLM Singapore. In a Facebook post on October 5, she ranted about the airline’s “gesture of goodwill” that compensates the damage for only $15.
Initially, KLM promised to replace the luggage or provide compensation within 24 hours after the incident, Ying said.
But there was no response until a week had passed. Ying had to bring her broken luggage home so that the airline could conduct a “thorough investigation.”
Ying claimed that the airline took one week to reply every time. “Don’t expect any human touch cause you’ll be dealing with website feedback forms,” she said.
The passenger then learned what soiled her mood even further:
“We hope this gesture of goodwill [$15] helps towards restoring your confidence in our airline.”

Worse airline ever. This is the level of service recovery you can expect — Crushed my baggage- promised to…

Posted by Xiang Ying on Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ying couldn’t help but feel angry:
“Imagine what luggage you can buy with $15 at this time and age. No thanks KLM. Pray hard that your luggage reaches your destination in one piece, otherwise good luck to you KLM travelers.”
It did not take another week for KLM Singapore to respond. A day after Ying’s post, the airline replied:
“We understand where you’re coming from at the moment, Xiang. Please be advised that this case had undergone thorough review. Every details was taken into consideration. Unfortunately, our Customer Care’s decision is final and we cannot revert it.”
Ying then inquired as to how the “magical number” of $15 came to be. She also questioned how “thorough” the review had been when Customer Care was unaware that $15 can’t buy any luggage in Singapore.
In response, KLM apologized more profusely, but held it’s stance:
“Customer Care Team has the authority to make such decisions and we have very little to say or cannot do anything to step-in in their decisions.”
However, five days later, the airline wrote another reply to Ying’s post:
“Our initial compensation was based on the receipt you sent us for that duffel. That amount was, of course, insufficient to cover the cost of purchasing a decent new suitcase.”
Fortunately, Ying will get a new luggage after all:
“We are glad that our Singapore office had a chance to speak with you on the phone, to apologize and offer you a full replacement of the suitcase. They have also invited you to meet and further evaluate the situation with you personally. By now you should have received an e-mail confirming the proposal.”
With the saga’s conclusion, a Facebook user commented:
“Things would’ve been easier if you guys did what you’re supposed to do days ago. The Singaporean team is definitely bringing a bad name to KLM.”
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