Singaporean OnlyFans star Titus Low sentenced to 3 weeks in jail, fined $2,000

Singaporean OnlyFans star Titus Low sentenced to 3 weeks in jail, fined $2,000Singaporean OnlyFans star Titus Low sentenced to 3 weeks in jail, fined $2,000
Carl Samson
October 13, 2022
Singaporean influencer Titus Low has been sentenced to three weeks in jail and ordered to pay 3,000 Singaporean dollars (approximately $2,095) in fines for posting pornographic photos and videos on OnlyFans.
Low, who joined the platform in April 2021, was first arrested in December 2021 after a woman found one of his videos on her 12-year-old niece’s phone and lodged a police report.
At the time, authorities confiscated Low’s devices, removed his access to his OnlyFans account and warned him against posting any further. However, he continued to do so, claiming that it was his chief source of income.
“I’ve done nothing wrong,” Low told the Los Angeles Times in April. “Maybe if I had hurt someone, then I’d deserve to go to prison. But this feels unjustified.”
Low faced a jail sentence of up to three months for his continued posting and up to six months for his defiance of police instructions. Both offenses also carried unspecified fines.
While watching porn in Singapore is technically legal, it is illegal to possess or download pornographic materials and receive profits from a business involving such materials. Until this August, sex between men was also outlawed in the Southeast Asian country.
A court on Wednesday convicted and sentenced Low in a landmark decision. His lawyer, Kirpal Singh, said other creators have approached Low with concerns on criminal liability.
“For sure, this case has set [a] precedent and other users will have to deal with the same risk of being on OnlyFans,” Singh told the BBC. “I think the message is quite clear that authorities are prepared to convict those who transmit explicit material not just on the OnlyFans platform but on the whole spectrum [of online areas].”
Low, for his part, expressed his intent to move on. The 22-year-old got married in June and opened a cafe last month.
“I’m glad this is finally over. Ready to start in a new chapter in life,” Low wrote on Twitter, where he has more than 404,000 followers. “Mistakes were made. Part of life’s learning process, I guess?”
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