Singaporean Mother Chased With Broom After Complaining About an Indian Tutoring Her Kid

A Chinese Singaporean mother and child were forced out of a tutoring center in Singapore after the parent complained that an Indian was tutoring her youngster.

The story emerged from Twitter in a thread by @abnorxmal, who confirmed that the incident occurred in January.

“My sister is a full-time tutor and recently a Singaporean Chinese student’s parent complained to the head of the tuition centre that she did not want her child being taught by an Indian.”

@abnorxmal said that the parent was referring to another tutor, a “well-qualified Indian lady” who happened to be friends with her sister, and taught the parent’s child science and math.

Read the whole Twitter thread below:

According to Mothership, the head of the tutorial center is in his 30s while the child is in lower primary school.

@abnorxmal’s original post has garnered more than 4,000 likes and 8,000 retweets as of this writing. Twitter users chimed in with their thoughts:


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