Singaporean Man Pens Hilarious Break Up Letter to Phone Company

Singaporean Man Pens Hilarious Break Up Letter to Phone Company

March 29, 2017
Breakups may be a reason for sadness, but one Singaporean man’s breakup text will give you more laughs than drama.
The man, identified as Leo, shared a breakup text on social media aimed at his telephone company, which apparently was not making him happy anymore.
In the message that was directed to Singaporean company, Starhub, the man named Leo explained what led him to the decision.
The post reads:
“I loved you StarHub, and I’ve loved you for a long time. Even when you cheated on me by cancelling the 12GB data plan, I was still with you. But recently, I found someone who is very special, someone who doesn’t give me 1000 SMS as compensation for limited data, someone who doesn’t love me for my money, someone who gives me the freedom to see what I wanted to. And I don’t have to live in fear for having to spend 50 to 80 dollars extra after finishing up all my internet quotas.”
World of Buzz reported that Leo has moved on to his new love, Circle of Life, but just before he ended his letter, he said that Star Hub will always be his first love.
After being dumped publicly, Star Hub had every right to react harshly. However, the now ex-lover decided to be mature about it by responding:
“We have always loved you. All relationships are bound to have their complications. You may walk on the moon, but our star will still shine on you. Down the road, if you feel that it is time for reconciliation we will be here waiting.”
Well, it’s good to see that these ex-lovers have parted ways amicably.
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