Singaporean ‘Kylo Ren’ Books Entire Theater for Friends and Family to Watch ‘The Last Jedi’ With Him

One wealthy avid Star Wars fan from Singapore went all out to show his love for his favorite film franchise by hosting a private screening of “The Last Jedi” for his family and friends.

Alex Low, 49, a car workshop and credit management company boss, shelled out 2,800 Singapore Dollars ($2,100) to rent a 170-seater cinema at Golden Village Suntec City for a screening of the blockbuster film on Thursday night. The cost also covered drinks and popcorn for the guests, which included his fellow Ferrari Owners’ Club Singapore members, according to Today Online.

Screengrab via YouTube

It was actually the third time Low watched “The Last Jedi”, having seen the film during its Singapore premiere on Tuesday, and then again the following day with his two teenage children.

Screengrab via YouTube
Screengrab via YouTube

To complete the event’s “Star Wars” vibe, Low attended the screening wearing an impressive Kylo Ren get up and convinced some of his guests to also dress up as the film’s characters. His 34-year-old wife, Angela Ngoh, also looked dazzling in dressing up as Rey, the film’s feisty female protagonist.

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Low, who is a die-hard Kylo Ren fan, has amassed an impressive assortment of outfits relating to the character since the last film, “The Force Awakens”, back in 2015. His collection includes four wigs, two capes, four sets of sleeves, seven tunics, three coats, five belts, ten buckles, two pairs of pants and five sabers.

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In an interview with Today Online, Low revealed that he identifies with the First Order commander, saying they share “the same temperament” — both of them are individuals dealing with their “anger”.

“We are bad guys (trying to) do a good job,” Low explained. Asked why he forked out such an amount for a screening, he said he wanted more people to “love Star Wars.”

Low further revealed that his love for the franchise began when he watched the first movie in the 1980s at the now-closed Odeon Cinema.

He organized a similar screening two years ago for “The Force Awakens”, where he hosted about 30 close friends at a GV Gold Class theater.

For “The Last Jedi”, he said he was actually trying to book a 300-seater cinema a month ahead, hoping to include some underprivileged guests. Unfortunately, he found that the bigger cinemas were already occupied.

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Low says, he will make sure to book much earlier next time so can get the theater he wants for the upcoming “Star Wars Episode IX” in 2019.

“I would book three to six months in advance to get a big theater,” he said.

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