Singaporean Influencer Pushes Driver to Go 120 MPH, Says Men Who Can’t Do It are ‘Not Worthy’

A social media influencer in Singapore shared clips of a ride that hit the road with speeds of up to 192 kilometers per hour (119 miles per hour), way beyond the state’s general limit of 50 kph (31 mph).

The influencer, reportedly identified as Chloe Teo, not only filmed the ride but also egged the driver on.

Image via Dayre / Klowheee

“Best way to end the night y’all, I give him 20/10,” she captioned the first of three Instagram Stories.

The next Story was captioned, “F***ing insane I love this fella.”

The camera then shifts to the dashboard to reveal a speed of 192 kph.

“If your man cannot do this he’s not worthy to be your man BAHAHAHAHAABBAHA,” the last Story said.

Teo can be heard laughing in the background in all three clips.

Another passenger seated in the back can be heard asking if there were any cameras on the road.

For speeding above the limit by more than 60 kph (37 mph), the driver can incur 24 demerit points and have his license suspended for 12 weeks.

That duration applies if a driver has no previous record, according to the Singapore Police Force website.

Instagram Stories last for only 24 hours by default, but viewers managed to save Teo’s clips and share them online.

Netizens reacted on a forum:

Whatever happens to the driver is unclear, but some claimed to have contacted authorities.

In the meantime, Teo appears to have taken down her Instagram account.

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