Gamer Hilariously Nails the Reality of Gamer Girls in Viral Tweet

Cheryl Allison Lim, a gaming personality in Singapore and digital content manager for the Female Esports League, has gone viral after posting a tweet about the reality of gamer girls.

On July 31, Lim posted a couple of pictures on her Twitter account with a caption that reads: “How people think gamer girls game vs how we actually game.” It featured two photos side-by-side showing a woman in a somewhat revealing shirt and a woman completely covered by a jacket while focused on the monitor.

However, she was greatly surprised when she found out that her tweet had gone viral as her initial plan for this post was just to send this to her friends for a good laugh.

Not only that, but Lim also gained thousands of followers in just 24 hours after the post went viral according to her partner, Sean “Hades” Goh, reported AsiaOne.

Lim received over 58,000 retweets and more than 263,000 likes on her post as of the time of writing.

Here’s what other people said in their replies in the thread:

Featured image via Twitter / cherzinga

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