Singaporean couple go viral for announcing Christmas Eve pizza party for lonely people 

Singaporean couple go viral for announcing Christmas Eve pizza party for lonely people 
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"There's no huge agenda, no huge program, we just don't want you to be alone"

December 22, 2022
A Singaporean couple has gone viral for announcing their upcoming Christmas Eve pizza party for lonely people. 
David Loh and Esther Chua (@davidandesther) posted a video on TikTok on Monday to share their open invitation.
“Many of you don’t know, but Christmas is a time when the lonely get lonelier and the suffering suffer quieter,” Chua says at the start of the clip.
Loh then shares that when he previously experienced celebrating Christmas by himself, he “felt so lonely and so sad.”
“So for this Christmas Eve, if you are free and you’re alone and you have no one to spend it with, we want to invite you for pizza party,” Chua says. 
The couple also share that there will be “no huge agenda, no huge program” – they just “don’t want you to be alone.”
Their now-viral TikTok video, which has already garnered over 49,000 views, has received several positive comments from fellow TikTok users.
“Aww thank you guys for bringing love and company to those around you! Good on you both!” one user wrote, while another said, “Thank you for making me believe in humanity.”
In a follow-up video posted on Wednesday, Loh and Chua shared that they will only be able to accommodate 15 guests.
The couple have received over 100 message requests so far but cannot host a larger event due to “resource constraints” such as “space, manpower [and] funds.”

“The last thing we want is 100 of you show up and people who are feeling lonely leave feeling the same way in that huge setting,” Loh says in the video.
Chua then shares that they plan on hosting two more parties on Christmas Day and on Chinese New Year.
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