Singaporean Clothes Seller Lands Job After Her Hilarious Online Reviews Go Viral

Singaporean Clothes Seller Lands Job After Her Hilarious Online Reviews Go ViralSingaporean Clothes Seller Lands Job After Her Hilarious Online Reviews Go Viral
Lerine Yeo, who has recently gone viral for being Singapore’s funniest online clothes seller, landed a two-year contract with local actor Mark Lee’s entertainment company for her amazingly hilarious improvisational skill.
The 30-year-old online entrepreneur and owner of online store Misshopper Boutique, rose to fame when her live-stream went viral where she showcased a 9 Singaporean dollar ($6.55) shirt to her viewers/buyers and demonstrated all the potential use of the holes when you replace the lace that’s originally placed there with S-hooks, according to Stomp.
The live-stream recording that went viral was posted online by Facebook user Joanne Ng on September 20. It has already received over 2.1 million views, 11,000 reactions, and 34,000 shares as of the time of writing.
This dress can pretty much handle almost any hand carry items you have when going out, like umbrellas, plastic bags when you go to the market, face cream, wanton mee, a cane —  the dress can probably carry it given that you also buy several S-hooks.
You today go the market, no hand to carry, no problem!” she said in the video.
While speaking to Stomp, Yeo revealed that most of what she does online is improvised as she has no idea about the products that people would want to see in her live-streams.
I would say it’s impromptu. I don’t even know what I will be selling that day. It’s only until the live-stream then I ask my buyers what they would like to see and I bring it out,” she told the publication.
In another viral live-stream recording, Yeo showcased a dress; however, instead of saying that the dress is a one size fits all, the entrepreneur admitted that this one is not ideal for women who are tall, explaining that “the chances of getting people to see your ‘ka cheng‘ [butt] is very high, 80% high,” she said in the video.
You walk cannot open the big big already… If not your luncheon meat, your seaweed all come out give people see,” Yeo said in the clip in Singlish.
It turns out that even before her viral debut, she already made a huge blast on Facebook where she showcased a “free size” shirt. And to prove her claims, she literally stuffed her shirt with several items.
Yeo’s new  face eventually led her to make an appearance on the Mandarin radio station Love 97.2FM where she put her skills to the test when asked to sell the station’s orange umbrella, according to Coconuts Singapore.
After that, the radio station got her to challenge Mark Lee on who can hook the most items on the now-famous S-hook shirt.
Probably impressed by her quick wit and humor, Yeo was reportedly given a two-year contract by the actor under his artist management company.
Images via Facebook / Joanne Ng
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