Meet the Singaporean Blogger Who Absolutely Loves Donald Trump

Meet the Singaporean Blogger Who Absolutely Loves Donald TrumpMeet the Singaporean Blogger Who Absolutely Loves Donald Trump
A popular blogger in Singapore has decided to “come out of the closet” — that is, express her adoration for President Donald Trump — on Reddit rather than another social platform, where she thinks “discrimination” is likely.
Cheng Yan Yan Wendy, better known as Xiaxue, took her love for the U.S. president to the subreddit The_Donald last week.
Sporting the iconic “Make America Great Again” Trump cap, the 33-year-old blogger let everyone know how she really feels:
“I’m coming out of the closet. Everywhere I go people discriminate me for my orientation, but love is love! ❤️”
“I heard this place is the most accepting for people like me. Is it true? MAGA!!! #womenfortrump #asiansfortrump #pinkhairedradicalfeministlookingwomenfortrump,” she added.
Some were skeptical of Xiaxue’s confession, but it nonetheless drew reactions immediately, with many redditors welcoming her and expressing their “support.”
For context, Xiaxue recently went on a tirade against Social Justice Warriors over Twitter.
Later on reddit, she explained her confession further:
“Probably because the post is more about myself than The God Emperor… seriously though I’m from Singapore and I finally got my MAGA hat. I was so excited I took a picture, only to realize I have nowhere to post it to.
“Most Singaporeans only hear msm (mainstream media) reports on Trump and think he is Hitler. If I post it on FB or Instagram I’ll get into fights with friends, or risk losing jobs. It is really more dangerous to come out of the closet as a trump supporter than a homosexual these days, at least gays have laws protecting them! So yup I ended up posting the picture here. Still downvoted understandably, but yay at least I came out of the closet somewhere!”
Others are, of course, displeased that an Asian woman like herself would join Trump’s bandwagon, including Erin Chew at YOMYOMF, who commented:
“Err seriously though… WTF Xiaxue??!?!?! I think she has mental issues and has just undone decades of Asian empowerment work the diaspora has done everywhere. I wonder whether being an Asian in Asia has a bearing on her blatant praise for crazy white dudes like Trump? Or is she just drinking the same koolaid as Tila Tequila, Lily May Mac and Esther Ku?”
What do you think of Xiaxue’s “coming out”?
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