Woman Has the Most Extreme Reaction to Giant Python at Singapore Zoo

A female tourist has gone viral on Twitter after she was captured on video doing the “stop, drop, and roll” move when staff members at the Singapore Zoo surprised her with a giant python.

Twitter user Angelica Rodriguez, who posted the now-viral video on the social media platform, said that the woman in the clip is her co-worker’s sister.

In the video, the zoo visitors can be seen on stage being presented with a rather small and less intimidating snake by one of the staff. The woman in question tries her best to be brave when she touches the shorter snake, but of course, she wasn’t able to contain her shriek.

But as the clip plays on, the audience can be heard gasping as the rest of the staff sneak in from the back holding a huge python to surprise the two female visitors.

Things, however, took a wild turn when the python reached Rodriguez’s co-worker’s sister, who instantly flipped out, stumbling on stage as the staff beside her tries to help her up, presumably trying to calm her down.

But unfortunately she did not calm down – not one a bit. The woman was absolutely terrified and reportedly fled off the stage away from the humongous reptile.

Featured image screenshot via Twitter / Angela Rodriguez

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