Man Sucker Punches Elderly Security Guard in Singapore When He Can’t Find the Exit

Man Sucker Punches Elderly Security Guard in Singapore When He Can’t Find the ExitMan Sucker Punches Elderly Security Guard in Singapore When He Can’t Find the Exit
The identity of a man behind the assault of a 60-year-old security supervisor at Roxy Square in Singapore has been revealed.
On Thursday, April 4 at 12:15 a.m., an elderly security supervisor named Andrew Lim was assaulted by a Caucasian man identified as Stuart Mills, a former “creative director for a multinational advertising agency” who is thought to be working as a freelancer more recently.
The confrontation between Lim and Mills began when the latter complained to a security guard that he couldn’t find an exit and demanded to speak to their supervisor. The former then tried to explain to Mills that the exits are already closed since it was already late, Lim recounted while speaking to The Straits Times.
Mills, however, ignored what Lim was trying to say and started to exhibit threatening body language and gestures with his hands.
Lim then asked Mills if he was trying to hit him, and the 47-year-old man replied, “Yes, maybe later.”
The 60-year-old security supervisor then asked his colleague to take a video of the incident in case something should happen.
In the viral clip, Mills can be heard telling Lim to “shut the f**k up,” prompting the elderly supervisor to ask if they could talk nicely.
Lim then tried to offer to show Mills the exit, but the latter continued to refuse and said that he had already seen it; however, the supervisor insisted, only to be obstructed by the man’s arm.
You walked into my arm,” Mills said, laughing, while pointing at the guard filming the whole incident.
Mills then threatened to report Lim to the government. Eventually, Mills gave in and followed Lim to the exit. As they were walking there, the suspect appears to trip Lim by extending his foot. Ignoring the supervisor’s demand to stop, Mills then punches Lim knocking him to the ground.
He then attempted to flee from the scene, but was blocked by the security guard filming the incident. Mills tried to take a swing at him too, but the latter managed to evade his attack.
I’ve met drunkards and all, but they were not abusive, not aggressive… I thought he might push me, but not like this,” Lim told The Straits Times. He also called the man’s actions “uncalled for.”
A day after the incident, and after the video went viral, Mills came forward and surrendered himself to the police. Authorities classified the incident as a case of “voluntarily causing hurt” that left Lim with a swollen eye, a sprained neck, and broken glasses, Observer reported.
It is still unclear what will happen to Mills, but Lim’s employer is now set to file a case against him, and will also cover all medical and legal expenses of the supervisor.
Featured image (left) via Facebook / Kilmar Wong, (right) screenshot via YouTube / The Straits Times
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