Man Becomes the ‘Most Self-Entitled’ Pedestrian Jaywalking in Singapore

A pedestrian in Singapore has recently gone viral for all the wrong reasons after he was captured on camera getting angry at a driver, when he was the one who committed a traffic violation.

In the clip, shared on the Facebook page SG Road Vigilante – SGRV, a man can be seen crossing the street while his eyes are glued to his smartphone, Stomp reported. It is clearly shown there that the light for the pedestrians to cross is still red.

However, instead of apologizing or going back to the sidewalk, he continued to argue with the driver and point to the opposite street.

The car then inched forward, but the “self-entitled” pedestrian, lifted his foot in what appears to be a kicking gesture.

The clip which has now been viewed over 176,000 and shared more than 1,800 as of the time of writing, was also shared by the Facebook page with the caption: “And the award for the most self-entitled, phone-using, jaywalker goes to this guy along Balestier Road.” 

Featured image screenshot via Facebook / SG Road Vigilante – SGRV

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