56% of Singaporean Millennials Agree School is Useless for the Real World

56% of Singaporean Millennials Agree School is Useless for the Real World

February 6, 2017
A recent survey among young Singaporeans was conducted to gather their opinion on whether they think schools are doing a good job at preparing the youth for the future.
Singapore-based startup Glints, along with IT solutions company JOS, conducted a career-oriented survey asking 1,000 respondents, most of which were young Singaporeans. The results revealed that Singaporeans believe that, unsurprisingly, schools are not preparing students enough for the future.
Approximately 56% of the respondents said that what they get from school is not enough to equip them for work, Asia One reported. But given the situation, young people have a solution of their own.
Around 78% of the respondents said that they have looked outside school for opportunities to gain additional knowledge and skills. Some have joined competitions, career training programs, and internships as ways to increase their understanding and to better equip themselves on what’s to come when they enter the real world.
And while this would be the perfect time to enjoy their youth, 82% of them said that they are willing to sacrifice their leisure time in exchange for knowledge.
Meanwhile, 90% of respondents said that they believe the workforce will be different from how it is today.
This probably explains why youngsters are taking active measures to make sure that they can acquire whatever it is they can’t from schools.
JOS also hosts the JOS Innovation Awards in Singapore for polytechnic and university students to connect with the job market. Freddy Lee, a managing director at JOS added:
“We are heartened that students are willing to invest their time beyond school to participate in the JOS Innovation Awards 2016-17. Over the past 5 months, together with my management team, we have mentored these students and observed that they have an insatiable hunger for new knowledge, opportunities and skill that will prepare them for the future workforce. Through these awards, we are confident that students will walk away with stronger innovation, communication and problem solving skills, which are valuable regardless of the career path they may choose to embark on upon graduation.”
If this is what every young person is up to today, then the future will be bright for everyone.
      King Malleta

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