Gay Singaporean Couple Faces Threats After Pics of Them Kissing Are Posted Online

Gay Singaporean Couple Faces Threats After Pics of Them Kissing Are Posted OnlineGay Singaporean Couple Faces Threats After Pics of Them Kissing Are Posted Online
Bryan Ke
February 6, 2019
A Singaporean gay couple is receiving hateful comments after a picture of them kissing in public was posted on a private forum in Singapore.
The couple, one of them a student of Tampines-Meridian Junior College (TMJC), started receiving threats when a picture that shows the two of them kissing in public was reposted on Singapore HardwareZone forum on Jan. 21, according to Mothership.
Users in the forum said that the couple should be investigated, and worse, prosecuted, and charged with criminal law. Despite responses from citizens opposed to these comments, many went on to reference the Holocaust, particularly putting the gay men in gas chambers to “clean them.”
Another user took the matter in hand by contacting the principal of TMJC to inform them about the behavior of one of their students. The screenshot of the message reads:
I came across this thread regards to one of your student openly kissing his partner in public and it’s been recognised that he’s one of your student by the name of -.
FYA (For your action)
[Link to the HWZ Forum thread.]
[Link to an image hosting site, displaying the Instagram photo.]”
The Instagram user later made a post saying that the school had asked him to remove all of his photos with his boyfriend on it, saying that “because it’s apparently bothering some of ya’ll.”
If what I post doesn’t suit your liking then just go ahead and unfollow me,” he said.
In another post, possibly from his partner, the man claimed that TMJC allegedly threatened his partner with a police report if he doesn’t comply with their request to take down his posts.
Upon reaching out, TMJC Principal Pamela Yoong confirmed to Mothership that someone from the public informed them of what happened, and denied the allegation of filing any police reports.
“We then advised the student that it would be in his interest to remove the post to protect his privacy and wellbeing. We did not mention the filing of a police report.
“We have always taught our students to behave with propriety on-line and in all other situations.”
The Singaporean Inter-University LGBT Network shared a statement on February 3 where they raised concern regarding the violent reaction of the users at HardwareZone forum shared in the private thread. They’ve tagged and urged the police to investigate the matter, and went on to cite Minister for Law and Home Affairs K. Shanmugam’s comment where the government would take “zero tolerance” and “no-nonsense” approach towards violence against the LGBT community, as said in the report.
Featured image HardwareZone Forum and Instagram / cjldorian 
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