Singapore is Getting Their First Electric Car-Sharing Service This Year

Singapore is setting up the country’s first electric car-sharing service in December, hoping that it will also help lower car dependency and ownership among its citizens.

BlueSG is Singapore’s ambitious car-sharing service that is planning to put up 500 charging stations in the country by 2020.

Among these charging stations are 2,000 charging points with 400 of them intended for non-BlueSG members and private electric vehicle owners. While private electric car owners will need to pay a fee to get a charge, BlueSG members can use an EZ-Link card to charge their vehicles in its respective station.

Drivers can also request a BlueSG card to avail the charging services. Another interesting feature is that customers can also book cars in advance as well as reserve a parking space for an hour and a half by using the BlueSG app or by calling their service center, according to Today.

As for how much the car-sharing service costs, it’s reportedly somewhere along the lines of under 10 Singapore dollars ($7.36) for 15 minutes. Furthermore, the BlueSG cars can cover as much as 200 kilometers (124 miles) with a full charge.

BlueSG will be utilizing four-seater Bluecar models from Italian manufacturer, Bollore, for their car-sharing service, according to Mashable. Construction of BlueSG’s first 30 charging stations have already begun, which will spread across parts of Singapore’s city center and public housing areas.

BlueSG aims to be the second-biggest EV car-sharing service in the world once its massive production reaches completion.

Singapore’s initiative to reduce personal owned vehicles on the street and car dependency isn’t just limited to services such as BlueSG. The country previously launched electric scooters to address the situation.

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