Singaporean man accused of cat abuse apologizes for ‘playing’ with animal, says ex-girlfriend ‘defaming’ him

  • Singapore-based entrepreneur Jimmy Wong has apologized for a series of viral videos that show him swinging, tossing and twirling his ex-girlfriend’s cat.
  • Wong’s ex-girlfriend, whom he later identified as Summer Lee Ying Hui, began exposing his alleged cat abuse on Sept. 28, adding that she had “left this toxic abusive relationship.”
  • Lee posted three incidents of alleged abuse toward her cat, Pidan, who reportedly suffered an injured paw, broken fangs and a bloodied eye.
  • While Wong expressed his “most sincere apologies” for his actions in the videos, he disputed Lee’s claims pertaining to Pidan’s injuries.
  • Lee responded with a “rebuttal” this week and insisted that her cat’s injuries were caused by Wong’s “intentional” acts of abuse.
  • Lee also said she has filed a police report but fears Wong’s “inside connections,” since the entrepreneur allegedly claimed to be “part of the police force.”

A Singapore-based entrepreneur has released a public apology regarding viral videos that show him swinging, tossing and twirling his ex-girlfriend’s cat.

Jimmy Wong, founder of the JF Lennon Institute of Financial Science, identified himself as the man in the videos, which were published by an Instagram account handled by his ex-girlfriend for the cat, Pidan.

The first of the videos, which was posted on Sept. 28, shows Wong swinging the cat by one of its hind paws.

“I’m so sorry that Pidan is going through this pain. In short, narcissists do not love their pets,” the account, which goes by the handle @pidanlee, wrote. “Narcissists do not love anything or anyone, therefore they don’t have the capacity to feel love for their pets. It makes me sick that those poor innocent creatures, who have never done anything wrong, are abused.”

“I left this toxic abusive relationship,” the post added.

Succeeding videos posted by @pidanlee showed Wong twirling the animal on the floor and tossing it in the air. At one point, Pidan is seen running away as Wong approaches.

“@narcissticjimmy used to be a charismatic man who kept me in the dark about who he really is,” @pidanlee wrote in an Oct. 7 post, citing an Instagram account that allegedly exposes Wong’s negative behaviors. “I can’t stop him. Look at his size. That night he almost killed us.”

Another post on the same day showed photos of both Pidan and purportedly @pidanlee injured with bloodied eyes. The account owner said she asked Wong to take Pidan to the vet, but the latter allegedly refused.

“I am really tired. I could not stay in a relationship with someone who is abusive,” @pidanlee wrote.

The account owner also noted that Wong’s swinging and tossing of Pidan took place before the cat’s paw “got ripped off” and its “fangs [were] broken.” She also accused Wong of threatening to “melt me alive because I refused to patch up or meet up with him.”

On Oct. 8, Wong confirmed himself as the man in the videos and apologized for his actions toward Pidan. He said he had “completely no intention to hurt the cat” and he “did not know that playing with the cat in such a manner would risk hurting the cat.”

While Wong expressed his “sincere apologies,” he identified his ex-girlfriend as Summer Lee Ying Hui and accused her of publishing “defamatory posts.” The entrepreneur said the whole incident was triggered by a “very straightforward love-hate relationship breakup.”

Wong also denied responsibility for Pidan’s paw injury, saying that it resulted from the animal “climbing the wire mesh in the house.” As for the “swollen eye,” Wong claimed it was due to an “infection” which Lee allegedly described as a “small issue” that did not require a vet visit.

Wong stressed that Lee had never expressed “displeasure” in the way he handled Pidan in any of the incidents. He also stressed that Lee was present during the incidents and recorded them with her CCTV and mobile phone.


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In response to her ex-boyfriend’s claims, Lee published a “rebuttal” on Oct. 17 that laid out the “facts” she stands by. She said Wong “intentionally caused harm” to Pidan, she rejected his claims about the cat’s paw injury and “eye infection” and denied that she was recording “on purpose.”

“I am open to an investigation on this matter…to disprove his claims of innocence. I have been a victim of gaslighting and manipulation, which I acknowledge I am to be blamed for being foolish,” Lee wrote.

“However, an act of cruelty to animals cannot be condoned. If a man like this has no heart for innocent creatures, it also speaks on his personality on how he would treat meager and weaker humans.”

Lee said she has filed a police report against Wong. However, she noted in another post that Wong has threatened her and that he has “claimed before that he is part of the police force, hence I am afraid of his inside connections.”

“I APPEAL TO THE PUBLIC TO HELP, as it seems to me that @singaporepoliceforce is taking this as a civil matter,” Lee wrote. “He says that there is a CID officer named RHINO 🦏 that feeds him information. Please help anyone. Please.”


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