Distracted Cyclist on His Phone Face-Plants into a Parked Car

Whatever type of vehicle one is on, texting while driving has been proven to be extremely dangerous as this recent viral video perfectly illustrates.

In the footage, which has been widely shared on WhatsApp and uploaded on Facebook page Beh Chia Lor, a man riding a bicycle is shown slamming right into the back of a vehicle, reports Coconuts Media.

Before the impact, the man is shown focusing his attention on his mobile phone instead of the road and his surroundings.

Due to his inattentiveness, he failed to notice the parked vehicle in front of him and ended up planting his face into its rear glass pane.

The parked vehicle’s equipped camera captured the unfortunate moment the man’s face touched the glass.

The minor crash, which reportedly happened on Thursday morning at an unknown area in Singapore, appears to have not resulted in any injury for the man or damage to the vehicle.

After making sure no one saw his slightly embarrassing accident, the man sped off, hopefully, a bit wiser in keeping his attention on the road while riding his bike from now on.

Featured Image via Facebook / Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road

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