Singapore Recalls Popular Taiwanese Milk Tea Over Banned Additive

Singapore’s favorite Taiwanese milk tea drink is now officially banned in the country for containing a banned food additive.
The country’s Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA), has pulled off Chun Cui He — also known as “Just Drink- Milk Tea” from local store shelves after the popular beverage was found to contain the food additive L-theanine, a substance already banned in food products in the country.
Chun Cui He “milk tea” reportedly contained L-theanine, an “organic compound” that is not an allowed food additive in accordance with the Food Regulations of Singapore, the Straits Times reported.
L-theanine, which is considered safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA),  is a common substance found in green tea infusions. Chun Cui He’s “latte” version, which does not contain the additive, is not included in the recall and will remain on shelves at 2.80 Singapore dollars, or around $2, per bottle.
AVA announced on Tuesday via Facebook why the product was recalled.
It pointed out, however, that the recall was not due to a food safety risk. Those who already consumed the product and are experiencing health concerns were advised to consult a physician.
Customers who wish to return unconsumed bottles of the milk tea can get a full refund from the chain stores where they were bought.
Chun Cui He was an instant hit to Singaporeans when it first reached the market just last month.
It was so well received that the product reportedly sold out nationwide within minutes of its launch in the country. 7-eleven even had to limit the amount each customer could buy after some customers failed to buy their own.
The milk tea brand’s Singapore supplier is currently seeking to have L-theanine registered with the AVA.
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