Simu Liu Shuts Down Laughing Audience Over Sex Stereotypes of Asian Men

Simu Liu Shuts Down Laughing Audience Over Sex Stereotypes of Asian Men
Gage Skidmore, Peoria, AZ
Leanna Chan
January 17, 2019
Star of “Kim’s Convenience,” Simu Liu called out studio audience members on The Social for laughing when he offered his experience on sexual stereotypes for Asian men. 
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Liu shared in a tweet, “Y’all, the studio audience literally LAUGHED when I wanted to offer my experiences as an Asian guy. The topic of conversation was stereotypes in the bedroom. I called them out. And the wonderful ladies on @TheSocialCTV supported me. Because it’s 2019 goddamnit.”
During the segment, Liu and the hosts were discussing the topic of sexual stereotypes.
Liu began, “I got to cut in here as an Asian man but some of these stereotypes–“ when he was rudely interrupted by laughter from the audience.
He immediately shot back and responded, “See but even the fact that there’s laughter now, some of these stereotypes are absolutely and totally untrue.”
“Imagine being a kid, growing up, and first of all, having none of the girls wanting to date you and hearing more than anything that people are just not into Asian guys.” 
Liu blamed the media for their harmful portrayal of Asian men as “dorky, nerdy sidekicks, not the main character of the story.”  
Liu who plays the character of Jung on Kim’s Convenience, challenges the stereotypes that he mentions as an attractive man that many women find attractive, much at the disdain of his also single roommate.
Host Marci Ien responded to Liu’s comments and asked, “Is that why your Instagram looks the way it does?” 
“Honestly whenever I get mad at the state of the world, I just take my shirt off and post it. That’s why there’s so many,” Liu joked.
Another host, Elaine Lui commented that the images of Asian men have finally started to change but that it is still something that we need to collectively recognize and think about in our culture and media.
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The host thanked “Crazy Rich Asians” for their portrayal of Asian men and their shirtless scenes. She joked that her friend told her to stop objectifying them, but adds that maybe it is a good thing that she does.
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