Simu Liu as the Old Spice Man is Finally Here and I’m Swooning

Simu Liu

Simu Liu’s ad for Old Spice has finally arrived!

Last week, the “Kim’s Convenience” star announced that he had been selected as the company’s first Canadian ambassador, along with a spicy Boomerang teaser.


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The 15-second ad shows Liu on a camping trip, but things take a turn when he discovers there’s no Wi-Fi and it begins to rain. 

“When mother nature gets fresh with you, get fresh right back,” the voiceover says.

Liu then pops out shirtless rubs the deodorant on. 

“Use Old Spice Timber Body Wash and Aluminum Free Deodorant made with real sandalwood,” the voiceover continues. “So you’ll smell like a real lumberjack.”

According to its Amazon listing, the Timber with Sandalwood Body Wash “smells fresh like a forest or a lumberjack before he jacks all that lumber.”

A bottle costs 4.48 Canadian dollars ($3.32). More body wash for men suggestions found at

Liu has been credited for redefining perceptions on Asian masculinity in his role as Jung Kim in “Kim’s Convenience.”

The 30-year-old actor shared the ad on Instagram and Twitter, writing, “Real freshness, forged from real sandalwood, crammed into 15 seconds. Enjoy.”

As expected, fans swooned over the clip:

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