Simu Liu gushes over meeting Brad Pitt: ‘the greatest moment of my life’

  • Simu Liu met Brad Pitt at the premiere for Pitt’s film “Bullet Train” on Monday.
  • Liu posted a tweet sharing a photo of them together and wrote, “I think that maybe this was the greatest moment of my life, yes definitely that's it right there sorry mom.”
  • The same photo posted to Instagram received some funny comments, including a question from comedian Chelsea Handler, who asked if the two were holding hands, to which Simu replied, “I’m cupping his cheek.”
  • Balancing out the Marvel superhero actor’s greatest moment was news earlier this week that he licked a maggot on his upcoming episode of “Running Wild with Bear Grylls.”

Simu Liu tweeted a photo of himself yesterday meeting Brad Pitt during the premiere for Pitt’s film “Bullet Train.”

In his tweet sharing the photo, Liu writes, “I think that maybe this was the greatest moment of my life, yes definitely that’s it right there sorry mom.” 

A different caption graced his Instagram post of the same photo, where he wrote, “There is life before meeting Brad Pitt and then life after. So basically it’s all downhill from here.”


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While many weighed in with comments of the photo, comedian Chelsea Handler asked, “Are you guys holding hands in this pic?” to which Liu replied, “I’m cupping his cheek 🍑” 

As Liu described meeting Pitt as “the greatest moment of his life,” licking a maggot in his soon-to-air episode of “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” was likely not one of his greatest moments, and waxing for his upcoming role in “Barbie” was one of his most painful. 

Liu has many recent memories to compare his meeting the “Fight Club” actor to, including being named one of Time’s 100 most influential people in the world and releasing a best-selling memoir.       

Pitt’s film “Bullet Train” has received backlash for what some consider whitewashing of a Japanese story, but the novelist behind the adapted work, Kotaro Isaka, is unconcerned as he considers the characters “ethnically malleable.” 


Feature Image via: Simu Liu’s Instagram

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