‘Don’t you dare take that’: Simu Liu begged ‘Shang-Chi’ producers to let him keep Shaun’s rare Air Jordan 4s

‘Don’t you dare take that’: Simu Liu begged ‘Shang-Chi’ producers to let him keep Shaun’s rare Air Jordan 4s‘Don’t you dare take that’: Simu Liu begged ‘Shang-Chi’ producers to let him keep Shaun’s rare Air Jordan 4s
“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” star Simu Liu begged the film production team to allow him to keep the rare Air Jordan 4s worn as a part of his character Shaun’s wardrobe, purportedly leading security to follow him around the set to make sure he did not steal the sneakers.
Liu wore a pair of the rare “Georgetown” colorways of Nike’s Air Jordan 4 shoes in scenes nearing the end of the 2021 Marvel film “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.” The actor, a sneakerhead, told Complex in an interview of his desire to keep the sneakers from the set’s wardrobe. 
When asked about the shoes he wanted to wear in the movie’s sequel, Liu said, “I’d probably go with something a little bit more iconic. I’d probably go with the Jordan 1, especially because those retro black-and-red colors fit with Shaun’s costume so well. It just seems like a no-brainer for me.”
“But I also just want to quickly shout out this one shoe that I wore at the very, very end of the movie,” he added. “I don’t know if anybody caught it. It was the Jordan 4 ‘Georgetown’ colorway. It’s super super rare.” 
According to CBR, pairs of the “Georgetown” colorway Air Jordan 4s are being offered online for up to $10,000. Liu, who coveted the sneakers for his own closet, said he also wished that he received more screen time wearing them.
“I begged the production to let me keep the shoes after. They were like, ‘No freaking way in hell,’” Liu told Complex. “They basically had security watching me putting the shoes on and wearing the shoes back to my trailer. They’re just like, ‘Don’t you dare take that.’” 
“I hope that Shaun will be a representative for all the sneakerheads out there,” he added. “Hopefully, we’ll get to see that not just with his costume but just in what he wears in everyday life, you know? Hopefully, we see him wearing some more heat.”
While Liu could not keep the pair of “Georgetown” colorway Nike shoes, he managed to take home the black and red Air Jordan Access “Bred” high-tops that he mostly wore throughout the film. 
“On my last day of shooting, I did manage to swipe them,” he said in an interview with GQ. “These have been artistically scuffed. This is not even real dirt, but I believe that these were the shoes that were worn for the iconic bus scene. I split-kicked two bad guys with these shoes.”
“They’re definitely gonna go into a case displayed somewhere until somebody I live with tells me that I can’t keep these around anymore,” he added, while admiring the shoes.  
According to CBR, the sneakers in the character’s wardrobe was costume designer Andy Park’s way of reflecting Shaun’s desire to find a home in America after escaping the Ten Rings organization and its leader, his father. 
Featured Images via @simuliu (left), GQ (right) 
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