Silicon Valley’s ‘Startup Castle’ Seeks New Roommates, Requirements are Too Ridiculous

Just a few minutes outside of Stanford’s campus in Woodside, California, lies the “
The 17,000-square-foot mansion, also known as The Buck Estate, is currently looking for roommates via this ad on SUPost.
According to the house’s website, they have “everything you need to live and launch your greatest ambitions.” However, if you aren’t everything they need (and they definitely know what they don’t like), then you might want to pass on this one.
But if you are chill with anti-fashion, make-up-hating, drug-free roommates who strive to build a self-proclaimed “community of excellence,” then this is the place for you.
You may find some of these requirements a little too pretentious for your taste:
The mansion offers private rooms starting at $1750, or a shared dormitory for $1000 a month. You’ll end up paying more for your own bathroom, parking spot and extra people. They also have a “generosity kitchen” packed full of free basic foods (eggs, fruits and vegetables, rice, etc.), and the estate currently houses seven roommates and three dogs
The Startup Castle looks legit, but based on my love for hip-hop, hard alcohol, nice clothes and marijuana consumption of more than 150 times their yearly limit, I’d probably have to opt for a castle that gives off less of an uptight “Mitt Romney vibe” (random but true) and more of something closer to an actual “Game of Thrones” castle.
Source: Fusion
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