Silicon Valley VC Calls Out Apple For Pornstar Search Result, Immediately Backfires

In a recent tweet, a Silicon Valley investor asked Apple if it would consider filtering adult-oriented content in its system.

Benedict Evans, who works at VC firm Andressen Horowitz, appears to have made his request from an iPhone. His problem was the suggestion of porn actress Evelyn Lin’s IMDB page in search results while he was looking for some “evelyn.”

Now according to Gizmodo, Evans’ followers did not get the same suggestion when they searched for “evelyn” on their own devices. He then posted a follow-up tweet claiming that he hadn’t been searching for Evelyn Lin, who starred in “Big Dicks Little Asians 2,” as his browsing history showed searches for Evelyn Waugh, author of “Brideshead Revisited.”

Sadly, no one seemed to believe it was Apple’s fault:

As a result, Evans deleted his original tweet later, wrapping it up with “Some arguments aren’t worth having.”

Interestingly, Evelyn Lin herself caught up with what’s going on and thanked Evans for “being a fan”:

To this, Evans responded, “You can’t believe everything you read on the internet. ;)”

Apparently, we sure know we can’t.

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