Clerk Fired From Silicon Valley Supermarket for Xenophobic Remark Against Asian American Woman

Silicon Valley

A supermarket clerk in Silicon Valley was fired after her xenophobic remark against an Asian American woman amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

The harassment happened at the Oakmont Produce Market in Cupertino, California, according to AsAm News.

Tracy Lee told the person in front of her in line to keep her social distance.

However, the clerk was reportedly surprised and told Lee, “…you came from China and you are the one who brought the virus here.”

Lee then asked the clerk to repeat what she said and the clerk continued to accuse Lee of bringing the virus to the U.S.

Lee posted her experience on Facebook which led to the market reportedly receiving negative reviews. The market’s Yelp page is being monitored as a result, HopClear reported.

The market has issued a statement on its Facebook page and apologized for the incident, saying that they reached out to Lee and are hoping that she would meet the owners soon.

“We would first like to start off (by) saying we sincerely apologize. We will work to make this right as we appreciate all of our customers and are aware that the local community is what keeps us going every day,” the statement reads.

“One person’s action does not define who we are and what we have built over the years with the community. Employees come and go and do not represent the overall purpose of our business. Given the situation, this employee was immediately terminated. Her acts and ignorance are not a reflection of our store.”

ABC7’s news anchor, Dion Lim, reached out to the market about the incident and confirmed that the staff in question had been fired.

Feature Image via @oakmontcupertino

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