Sikh Men Use Their Turbans to Help Save Teens Who Fell Through Ice in Canada

Sikh Men Use Their Turbans to Help Save Teens Who Fell Through Ice in CanadaSikh Men Use Their Turbans to Help Save Teens Who Fell Through Ice in Canada
Carl Samson
November 6, 2020
A group of elderly Sikh men unfurled their turbans in an attempt to save a pair of teen girls who fell through a frozen pond in Canada.
According to a witness, the teens were walking on the side of a pond near Saddlecrest Place N.E. in Calgary, Alberta when they broke through the ice around 11 a.m. on Oct. 30.
Fortunately, the group of Sikh men, who make regular walks in the area, spotted the incident and sprang into action to save them from drowning.
“Bang, they were right on it. As soon as they saw the girls go in, they took off their turbans,” Kulbinder Bangar told CBC News. “[They were] trying to throw it in so the girls could reach, but it was out of reach.”
The group also used siding from a nearby renovation project, though that did not work as well. Instead, it was a garden hose from a neighbor that made it easier to pull one girl to safety.
Another passerby reportedly managed to save the other girl. Thankfully, neither of the teens was seriously injured.
Image Screenshot via Kulbinder Bangar
“It did have a positive ending. Other than being cold and some mild hypothermia, there were no ill effects or lasting repercussions from this incident,” Stuart Brideaux of the Calgary Emergency Medical Services (EMS) told Global News.
In the wake of the incident, several community members reportedly plan on asking the city to install fences around the pond, where children often play.
Meanwhile, Brideaux warned residents against venturing into ice as winter sets in.
“It’s always advisable that you stay on the banks or well away from [the ice]. It’s not possible to tell the thickness of any ice in terms of what’s safe or not,” the responder said.
The Sikh men took off their turbans to rescue the teen girls. Image Screenshot via Global News
The quick rescue has since received praise on social media. Jagmeet Singh, leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party, explained one significance of wearing a turban.
“One of the reasons Sikhs wear a Dastaar (turban) is because it represents a beacon. In times of need, find someone wearing a Dastaar and they will help you,” Singh wrote on Twitter. “This story embodies this spirit in the most Canadian way. I am so thankful these two women found their way to safety.”
Another Twitter user declared, “Not all Heroes wear Capes, most of them have Turbans on their head.”
Feature Image Screenshots via Kulbinder Bangar / Global News
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