LGBT Advocate Sparks Outrage After Calling Sikh Man ‘Turban F***er’

LGBT Advocate Sparks Outrage After Calling Sikh Man ‘Turban F***er’
Carl Samson
September 3, 2019
A Canadian LGBTQIA+ advocate who swears to “never give up fighting” for “human rights equality” is now facing the wrath of the internet after calling a Sikh man a “turban f***er.”
Jessica Yaniv, who goes by the username @trustednerd on Instagram, sent a photo of herself sitting next to the unidentified man to a group conversation, along with a “LOL” and a face-with-tears-of-joy emoji.
Image via Twitter / @SikhProf
Simran Jeet Singh, a Sikh scholar, writer and activist based in New York, exposed Yaniv’s racist message on Twitter last week, asking users for comments on her actions.
“We need to be firm and clear about standing against racism. But we also need to cut the cycle of hate. Please be humane in your responses to @trustednerd. It’s possible to call out with [sic] denigrating,” Singh wrote in a follow-up tweet.
Image via Twitter / @SikhProf
Yaniv, who also works as a tech blogger, describes herself as a “human rights advocate,” “global internet personality” and “social justice warrior” in her Twitter bio.
She identifies as a lesbian and has apparently been awarded an “Honorary Ph.D. in Transgender Advocacy from Social Justice University.”
Image via Twitter / @trustednerd
Image via Twitter / @trustednerd
Users slammed Yaniv and her racist message:
Some accused her of being a “predator” who “messages underage girls about their periods.”
It turns out that Yaniv, whose alleged former name is Jonathan, drew controversy earlier this year after alleged screenshots of her “improper communications” with children surfaced online.
One of her alleged messages shared by Women are Human asked, “If there’s like 30 girls in the change room, how many of them would you say are out there changing freely with their vaginas and t**s out?”
Yaniv also caught attention in July after accusing local salons and spas of refusing to offer her waxing services due to her biological sex.
However, some reportedly argued that her complaints were driven by existing “anti-immigrant and racist sentiment,” as screenshots of messages allegedly show her writing, “I can’t stand Asians.”
The BC Human Rights Tribunal, which received Yaniv’s complaints, initially protected her identity with a publication ban but stripped it off mid-July after discovering that she had posted about upcoming hearings on Twitter, according to Aldergrove Star.
Then, on Aug. 5, she was arrested for brandishing and demonstrating the use of a stun gun in a livestream video — while claiming to be fully aware of its illegality, The Post Millennial reported.
Image from Instagram / @trustednerd via Twitter / @SikhProf
Over the weekend, Yaniv apologized on Instagram for her “quite racist” message about the turban-wearing Sikh man.
“I’m sorry to everyone I hurt with my comments. What I did and said was quite racist. I did not mean what I said. I screwed up.
“Despite being a target of discrimination, I was joking around with friends and made a bad joke that I regret. It was a bad move, and I’ve apologized to the people I’ve said it to. But most importantly I’m sorry to this poor man that I singled out and the community that he represents.
Instagram / @trustednerd
However, users only criticized her further for having a “fake” apology and playing victim over the matter.
Featured Images via Instagram / @trustednerd
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