British Sikh Girl Called a ‘Terrorist’ By Bullies, ‘Dangerous’ By Parents Because of Her Turban

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A Sikh girl who was branded as a “terrorist” while trying to play with others at a playground in London has a touching message for everyone.

In a heartbreaking video posted on Twitter, Munsimar Kaur recalled how other kids at Plumstead Adventure Play Centre had rejected her when she asked to play with them on Aug. 5 and 6.

Many news outlets, including the Daily Mail, have speculated it’s because the 10-year-old girl wears a turban.

“On Monday, two boys who looked like they were 14 to 17 years old and two girls who looked like they were in their late teens — when I asked to play the game they were playing and the queue was a mile long — they said, loud and clear, ‘No, you can’t play because you are a terrorist,'” Kaur said.

“This obviously broke my heart, but I kept my head up and I went away.”

The following day, Kaur returned to the playground and finally made a friend her age. Sadly, the child’s mother rejected her soon, thinking that she was “dangerous.”

“We went back the next day and I made a friend,” Kaur said. “After an hour, her mom caught her and said she can’t play with me, because I was, apparently, dangerous.”

Kaur concluded her story with a heartfelt message for everyone.

“This experience has shown me the lack of exposure and knowledge some people have. Sikhs are naturally caring, and no matter what we will love everyone.

“But I need to speak out about this because not everyone is strong enough to walk away or has suitable parents to talk to them to handle this racism. I will handle it with the right people.

“Anyone going through this: tell your parents and keep your chin up, and it will work out in the end. I promise.”

The video, which was posted by Kaur’s father, has since gone viral with over 65,000 views.

“My eldest daughter Munsimar Kaur, aged 10, tells her own true story. Today it was my child, tomorrow it could be yours,” @sikhdad wrote.

Social media users left messages of support for Kaur:

Images via Twitter / @sikhdad

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