Siblings go viral for heartwarming dining table moment

Siblings go viral for heartwarming dining table momentSiblings go viral for heartwarming dining table moment
A video purportedly showing two siblings sharing the last piece of food has gone viral on Twitter, melting the hearts of viewers.
Uploaded to Twitter by user Figen (@TheFigen_) on Monday, the video of the pair’s loving bond has garnered over 11.9 million views and 461,000 likes at the time of this writing.
With the caption, “My heart melted!💞❤️,” the short clip shows what appears to be an older brother and younger sister eating together at a dining table. Near the end of their meal, the young girl reaches into a plate with her chopsticks to grab onto the last piece left. When she watches her brother attempt to find another piece of food with his chopsticks, she allows him to take the final piece of food. 
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Rather than taking the last piece for himself, the boy dips the food into a sauce and places it into his sister’s plate. Smiling, the sister excitedly turns to her brother and kisses his cheek in thanks. 
Like the video’s uploader, Twitter users fell in love with the children, admiring their apparent bond and compassion for each other.
“So sweet … Each one of you must feel it when you have a siblings. Everything we share. Like always people say, ‘sharing is caring’. When you’re growing up & your others sibling have their own life, you’ll miss these moments & never forget it,” one user said.
Another user added: “This brought tears to my eyes, especially as a father.. Children usually have so much more of a strong connection to the loving light of heaven/higher dimensions/creator/God than adults do. As time goes by people lose their inherent sweetness..”
“Just the way they smile at each other. Love,” a viewer commented.
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