96-Year-Old Woman Gives 101-Year-Old-Brother Luck Money in Tearful Reunion


An intimate moment between two elderly siblings in China was captured on film and has become widely shared on Chinese social media. 

A touching video: Taken in Jiangxi Province, the viral footage featured the touching sibling relationship between a 96-year-old woman and her 101-year-old older brother. 

  • The woman is shown handing out 200 yuan ($29) to her older brother.
  • The brother was in tears as he took her hand and tried to give it back.
  • She can then be seen patting him on his shoulder before tears started flowing from her eyes as well.

The story behind the video: According to China Daily, the man suffered a hip injury following an accidental fall earlier this month. His younger sister was extremely worried about him so she wanted to pay him a visit.

  • However, the woman was unable to see him because she was prone to motion sickness.
  • To have the two meet, the brother’s son brought him to her instead.
  • “Where did you fall, brother?” the sister immediately asked upon seeing him. 
  • When she gave him the money, she told him to buy “something delicious with it!”
  • The moment was so heartrending that the rest of the people in the car ended up in tears as well, according to the son.

Feature Image via China Daily

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