Adorable ‘Shy’ Sports Car in Japan Wins The Internet With Its Blushing Cheeks

A video clip of a Japanese sports car covered in snow recently went viral for apparently showing its shy personality in the cold.  

Japanese Twitter user @FerrariRyota111 uploaded an adorable video which hilariously showcases his car’s “shyness.”

The footage emerged online earlier this week after Tokyo received its first significant snowfall of the year, reports Soranews24

In the clip, the Mazda Miata (also called a Roadster in the Japanese domestic market), appears to be blushing as if it was an embarrassed anime character.

It should be noted that the car appears slightly different in the video than in @FerrariRyota111’s photos since the Miata features pop-up headlights, which rotate up from the hood when turned on. Since the turn signals/hazard lights are located directly below the headlights, their lights become the glow seen in the car’s “cheeks.”

So far, @FerrariRyota111’s video has been viewed over 3.5 million times. The adorable clip has also generated many positive comments from netizens:

“It’s so shy and cute❤️,” one commenter wrote.

“The cuteness of the first-generation Miata is a national treasure,” another chimed in.

“A cute and beautiful design,” added another.

Others poked fun at the car’s blushing face with some anime gifs:


According to @FerrariRyota111, his beloved Miata is retiring from the racing circuit. In a post last month, he revealed that he took the car to the track for the last time, saying that he would be using it less competitively so he can continue driving it for much longer.

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