Shortage of Women in Vietnam Means 4 Million Vietnamese Men Will Never Have a Wife

If Vietnam’s current imbalanced sex ratio continues, around 4 million Vietnamese men will have no chance to get married by the year 2050, according to Asian News Network (via 
The Hanoi Population and Family Planning Department stated that their city’s male to female ratio of 113.6:100 remains high. There are several other districts like Ung Hoa, Son Tay, Ba Vi, Thach That, Soc Son, Me Lihn, and Phu Xuyen with an alarming high male to female ratio.
An estimate by the General Directorate of Population and Family Planning assumes that with the current imbalances, there will be a shortage of women in Vietnam by the year 2050, leading to 2.3 to 4.3 million wifeless Vietnamese men.
Although this doesn’t seem that big of a deal, population experts warn that this could lead to more serious problems like prostitution, human trafficking, and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.
In Vietnam, the preference for sons has become an important issue. Since daughters live with their husband’s families after marriage, there is a notion that their daughter is gone for good. So there is a misunderstanding that without a son, there is no one to care of and look after parents when they are old.
The preference for sons in Vietnam is considered so deeply rooted that several measures were taken over the years to address gender imbalance. However, programs like family planning awareness still face many problems.
Do Viet Hung, director of the Centre of Population and Family Planning in Son Tay town, said that people need to be more aware of the consequences of gender imbalance and that gender selection can bring the country more harm than good.
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