Shopper Films Bizarre Encounter With Lady Who Invades Her Personal Space a Store

Shopper Films Bizarre Encounter With Lady Who Invades Her Personal Space a StoreShopper Films Bizarre Encounter With Lady Who Invades Her Personal Space a Store
Carl Samson
July 31, 2018
A Black woman’s shopping experience in Vacaville, California was effectively ruined after coming across an Asian lady who allegedly breached her personal space before demanding that she shouldn’t be in the city.
Jo Kia McCall was out with her boyfriend and 20-month-old daughter at a Marshall’s department store when the incident occurred on Friday.
In a Facebook post, McCall claimed that the Asian lady, who was browsing next to them, was being reckless with the items and decided to “come inside our personal bubble.”
“I was in Marshall’s in Vacaville with my 20-month-old child and boyfriend. We were looking at candles and this lady was next to us being reckless with the merchandise and decided to come inside our personal bubble.
“She was knocking things down and every time I glanced up she was getting closer to us. I understand being next to a fellow shopper and having to be in close proximity to one another due to the fact that you might be looking at the same items, but this lady was SOOO close.”
Things escalated when the lady finally bumped into McCall’s daughter.
“She was so close to Quinn (my daughter) and they ended up bumping into one another.
“I moved my daughter and ended up putting Back the candle that we were smelling and the lady scoots even CLOSER to me and her elbow was an half an inch from my eyeball.
“I stand up and say ‘Is something wrong with you?’”
To McCall’s horror, the lady replied with a “death stare” before questioning her presence in the city.
“She gives me the death stare and then asks me what am I doing here in Vacaville. Before I started recording she says ‘YOU? YOU’RE HERE IN VACAVILLE?! YOU?!?!’”
McCall then whipped her phone out to record the scene.
“Why can’t I be out here? Why can’t I be in Vacaville?” she asked. “Why can’t I be out here?”
The Asian woman then raised a hand to call for staff — and allegedly lied about McCall calling her a “b**ch.”
“Excuse me? Here I am minding my own business. This person called me a ‘f**king b**ch,” the woman yelled.
“No I didn’t! Are you serious?” McCall replied in disbelief. “Why are you lying? Why would I say that in front on my daughter? What is wrong with you?”
Shortly, McCall discovered that the woman was not even talking to anyone.
“Who are you even talking to? You’re not talking to anybody! What is wrong with you?” she asked.
It is unclear whether staff eventually appeared as both women started reporting their own versions of the incident.
The woman went on with her accusations as McCall repeatedly denied them.
“Her. There it is. It’s her! She called me a f**king b**ch.
“Excuse me? Look, she’s harassing me. See? She’s harassing me. She called me a f**king b**ch.
“I’m here minding my own business and she started taking photos of me.
“I’m from UC Davis and she bumped into me and started taking photos of me. See?”
The video ends with the Asian woman describing McCall as “crazy” in a gesture.
In her post, McCall clarified that she only started recording when the woman followed her.
She also called the woman “racist.”
“After continually verbally assaulting me she starts calling for help and lies and says I called her a bitch. WOW. Does anyone know this rude, racist piece of trash?
“I was walking away and she started following me which is when I started recording her.”
McCall’s video has gained thousands of views since its posting.
Many expressed their support, with some speculating that the Asian woman was on drugs or has mental issues.
In an update, McCall addressed comments saying that she should have walked away from the woman.
“People are saying I should’ve walked away from this lady even though I had a right to be there after she forced herself into my space and told me I didn’t belong there. Idc if she seems crazy, I’m tired of people making excuses for people when they’re clearly in the wrong. It’s not our job to always walk away.
“I did not assault this woman, physically or verbally. I recorded her because people really think stuff like this doesn’t happen. I was just smelling candles and the next thing I know I’m being told I had been following her around the store and that I had been verbally assaulting her.
“Eventually, I LEFT THE STORE. Even though I had a right to be there. I no longer felt safe in that space because this lady was acting on feelings of fear because my family and I were in the same aisle as her.”
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