Tokyo Metro Station Creates Art Installation Only Anime Fans Would Get

Shinjuku Station

The walls of the Metro Promenade at the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line of Shinjuku Station have been “punched-in” with art to celebrate the release of the highly-anticipated “Jump Force” fighting game.


The three wall art designs, which create the illusion of the wall being punched in, will be on exhibit from Feb. 18 to 24, according to PR Times.

It features a 15 meter (49 feet) wide graphic art that recreates the destruction made by three popular characters in the game: Son Goku (from the series “Dragon Ball”), Monkey D. Luffy (from “One Piece”), and Uzumaki Naruto (from “Naruto”), Moshimoshi-Nippon reported.

The far left piece depicts the damage Goku would create with his signature “kamehameha:”

In the middle is the destruction caused by Luffy’s “Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk Punch:”

And lastly, there’s the mark left by Naruto’s “Rasengan:”

In addition to the art wall, a newspaper is also set to be handed out in six different locations around Tokyo that will contain information regarding the “Jump Hero Wall,” according to the report.

Images via PR Times

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