Taiwanese Voice Actress Behind ‘Shin-Chan’ Passes Away From Cancer at 49

shin chan

Chiang Tu-hui, the voice actress behind the Mandarin-dubbed Japanese anime “Crayon Shin-Chan,” has passed at the age of 49 from cancer.

Word of her passing came on September 16 when Facebook page AV Voices uploaded a message announcing the news, according to Taiwan News.


“Ms. Chiang Tu-hui left us this morning, and we will always miss you,” the post read.

Her passing was confirmed to CNA by the Taipei Dubbing Union earlier that morning. Chiang was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer and her cause of death was attributed to multiple organ failure.

While speaking to reporters, Chiang’s brother-in-law said there will be no public farewell and the wake would be private, Today Online reported.

Chiang is well-known for lending her voice in several Mandarin-dubbed Japanese anime, including “Chibi Maruko-Chan,” “Naruto,” “Detective Conan,” “Attack on Titan,” and “Yu Yu Hakusho.”

Chiang was a dancer and member of her school’s drama club before she became a theater actress. A friend then asked her to join a dubbing class.

At 24, she was approached by the owner of a recording studio and asked her to audition for a cartoon show.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube / 中天電視

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