Shiba Inu is Upset He’s Not Allowed on the Subway, Gets Carried Out by Authorities

One determined Shiba Inu determined to live his life-long dream of riding the subway was sadly foiled in his plot when he was so close to finally riding the subway.

The shiba walked into the the Kitaoji Station in Kyoto, Japan trailing alongside two humans going through the turnstyle.

The shiba proceeded, weaving between busy travelers and only noticed by Twitter user Jun Oshiro, who snapped pics of the shiba’s daring journey. Eventually, the shiba reached the boarding platform.

Unfortunately, the shiba got through three checkpoints without purchasing a ticket or pass and was forcefully escorted by station authorities.

This shiba’s struggle only highlights the unfair species favoritism given that people actually enjoy cats on trains in Japan.

Next time doge, next time.

h/t: RocketNews24
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