World’s Cutest Shiba Inu Hops Like a Bunny Whenever Her Human Comes Home and My Heart is Melting

Mame is an adorable little Shiba Inu that turns into a bouncing ball of energy whenever her beloved owner returns home.

Mame-chan captured many netizens’ hearts in Japan after its owner, Naoko (@ichi.glucklick), posted a video on Instagram showing the pup’s joyful way of welcoming him at the door.

In the clip, the dog is apparently so excited that she could no longer wait for her owner to enter the house.

Mame’s excitement was already apparent at the start of the video as she is seen pressing herself up against a glass window. In eager anticipation, she starts hopping up and down like a bunny.

Her movement’s speed increases as she becomes even more thrilled when she finally spots her owner.

Mame’s little tail immediately starts wagging at full speed the moment the owner opens the door. She continues running and hopping around him until he finally starts petting her.

Her energetic display of affection toward her owner has become a regular feature on Naoko’s Instagram account which now contains many precious videos of similar interactions.

Mame-chan loves kids too:

Featured image via Instagram/ichi.glucklich

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