Actress Shi Yanfei Refuses to Stop Posing for Photos After Being Asked to Leave Red Carpet

Actress Shi Yanfei Refuses to Stop Posing for Photos After Being Asked to Leave Red Carpet
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
May 17, 2019
Chinese actress Shi Yanfei is in hot water after the Cannes Film Festival wrapped up as Chinese netizens bashed for her bringing shame to their country for allegedly overstaying her welcome on the red carpet.
Shi, who stars as a palace maid in the drama series “Story Of Yanxi Palace,” took too long on the red carpet when she walked down the event on Tuesday, May 14.
According to The Straits Times, the 32-year-old actress was probably confused from all the chaos and shouting from the paparazzi as she mistakenly thought that their shouts were requests for her to pose some more, but in reality, she was being called to vacate the spot.
An usher at the event even went to her to indicate she should move along, but was apparently reluctant to do what was instructed. Once word got around, mainly in China, netizens quickly slammed her for what happened at the event.
Netizens noted that Shi didn’t have to lower her dignity just to attain fame and glory, but the actress quickly posted on Weibo to voice her side of the issue, ET today reported.
I believe every actor/actress who has the opportunity to walk the Cannes red carpet will be extremely nervous and excited; I am not immune to this,” the actress said.
They kept yelling for more photos. When a staff member came up to me, I could not hear a single word she said. Until now, I am not even sure if I was being ushered off or not,” she continued, noting that the situation was rather chaotic.
The actress admitted that she was horrified by the reactions the netizens gave her after the festival, and thought that the reason for her trending on Chinese social media was because they were celebrating her attendance at the event.
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