Chicago Woman Discovers Her Dead Mother’s Bank Account is Overdrawn by $99 Billion

A woman from Chicago was told by the bank that her deceased mother’s bank account had a negative balance of $99 billion.
With her name listed on her mother’s savings account, Sheila Henderson contacted Chase Bank to check its balance so she could pay for her mother’s funeral expenses. The response she got took her by surprise.
“Your checking account has a balance of negative $99,999,999,545.90,” read the message sent by Chase.
Henderson told WABC New York: “I called my brother to listen to it and the first thing he said, ‘You have been hiding all this money from me. Why did you do this? Come on. Let’s go.’ I was like, ‘No, it says it is a negative amount on it.’”
The ridiculous amount has left Henderson terribly concerned. Chase Bank said it plans to work with Henderson as they investigate the matter.  
“I think I might stick with Chase. I do like them. People make mistakes. But it’s a scary mistake for me though,” Henderson said.
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