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New data reinforces how crucial AAPI voters were for swing elections this year.

A new analysis from APIAVote of early voter turnout for the 2022 midterm elections shows early voter turnout in the AAPI community increased nationally by 20.4%. Moreover, the number increased to 33% in battleground states.

The increase in numbers indicates the success of organizations like APIAVote with outreach tactics like phone calls, texts and mailers. APIAVote recorded 800,000 texts and 2 million pieces of mail sent to AAPI households across the country. 


Raymond Partolan, a National Field Director with APIAVote, said, “This clearly illustrates just how critical of a part of the margin of victory the AAPI community is now playing in elections all around the country.”   

Spotlight 💡
  • Michael Moy is a former cop and former gang member highlighting stories on his YouTube channel called Chinatown Gang Stories. The channel shares candid interviews from ex-gang members who share about their time in youth gangs that haunted New York’s Chinatown during the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Moy says about his project, “My mission is to preserve history and maybe help someone along the way.”
Race in America 🌎
  • AAPI unemployment stats: A new study from the Economic Policy Institute has found that the AAPI unemployment rate is higher than that of White workers but lower than that of Black and Hispanic workers in the second quarter of 2022. The rate of unemployment for AAPI workers was 3.2%. For White workers, it was 2.9%, and for Black and Hispanic workers, it was 6.1% and 4.3%, respectively.    


  • Republic of Korea honors Japanese American war veterans: The consul general of the Republic of Korea in Los Angeles honored Japanese American Korean War veterans with the Ambassador for Peace Medal. The Korean War, often referred to as the “Forgotten War,” killed an estimated 256 Japanese Americans during the conflict. Consul General Youngwan Kim said of the tribute, “I think it shows some kind of connection between the Republic of Korea and Japanese American society here in Southern California. It shows to them how we put importance to their sacrifice during the Korean War."
Korean War veteran Harumi "Bacon" Sakatani
Credit: ABC7
In Other Asian News 🗞
  • China’s foreign Covid policy: China will drop its Covid quarantine requirements for international travelers arriving from abroad starting on Jan. 8. The current policy requires inbound passengers to quarantine for five days in a hotel followed by three days at home. China’s update to the policy aligns with their loosening of their “zero-Covid” policy in the last couple of weeks. With the requirements dropped, Chinese traveling from abroad, face-to-face diplomatic meetings, and the number of foreigners in China for work study programs should increase.   


  • Aid groups retaliate: Multiple international aid groups have temporarily suspended operations in Afghanistan in response to the Afghan government banning women from working in local and international humanitarian organizations. The Afghan government’s order puts the country at risk to lose billions in relief funds and programs which have supported vulnerable people at risk of famine and economic collapse.     
Entertainment 📺
  • PSY surprise: South Korean soloist PSY surprised fans at his year-end “All Night Stand” concert with guest performances by K-pop girl group TWICE. The JYP Entertainment idols performed hits like “Feel Special,” “Talk That Talk” and “Heartshaker.” 


  • Li Jun Li interview: Li Jun Li spoke with NextShark about her role in Damien Chazelle’s film about 1920’s Hollywood “Babylon.” Li plays the fictional character of Lady Fay Zhu who drew inspiration from real-life Hollywood star Anna May Wong. Li jumped at the chance to play the role and shares her thoughts on how diversity in Hollywood has changed over time. “There are more of us, and we can confide in each other, and we can work together to make a lot of noise together for inclusivity and representation. Whereas Anna May Wong or Lady Fay was by herself 100 years ago — they were just on their own and they had to hold their own.”   
Li Jun Li as Lady Fay Zhu in "Babylon."
Credit: Paramount Pictures
What else is on our minds? 🧠
  • San Francisco’s Gao Viet Kitchen & Bar is dishing up a bowl of pho for $95. 
  • A Colorado man was arrested for a hate crime and racist rant at an In-N-Out in San Ramon, California on Christmas Eve. 
  • Three endangered freshwater dolphins have died in the last ten days, raising concerns for Cambodian conservationists.    
  • The Tulsa Zoo celebrated the 50th birthday of three Asian elephants: Sneezy, Booper and Sooky. 
  • Heavy snowfall in Northern Japan has killed at least 17 and injured 90 more over the holiday weekend.  

Would you try a $95 bowl of pho?

As much as I love pho, I wouldn’t, at least not on my own. It’s 5 pounds and includes a big beef rib and whole lobster. 


Daniel Anderson

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