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A new study out of Japan has found that East Asians are more likely to develop stomach cancer due to an increased likelihood of alcohol intolerance. 

The study was published in the Nature Genetics scientific journal and was conducted by collecting cells from around 1,500 stomach cancer patients in the U.S., Japan, China, South Korea and Singapore. Those with lower alcohol intolerance were linked to an increased chance of a rare type of gastric cancer called diffuse stomach cancer. 

As noted in previous studies about East Asians and alcohol, they are more likely to inherit a genetic mutation that hinders their ability to metabolize alcohol, which can lead a facial redness after drinking, sometimes called “Asian glow.” 

Spotlighting History 💡
  • On March 16, 1968, more than 500 unarmed civilians were brutally killed in a mass murder committed by U.S. troops in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Victims of the Mỹ Lai massacre included men, women, children, infants and animals. Some women and children were gang-raped before their murders and had their bodies mutilated. Investigations later revealed an estimated 347 to 507 civilians were killed that day. Five platoons — Charlie Company, First Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment, 11th Infantry Brigade and 23rd Infantry Division — were ordered to carry out the killings by U.S. Captain Ernest L. Medina and Lieutenant William Calley Jr.
Son My Vestige memorial site
Wikipedia Commons
Race in America 🌎
  • The Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation (PCDC) announced its formal opposition to the 76ers’ proposed arena near the city’s Chinatown. On Thursday, the major business-leadership organization said “the arena deeply imperils the future of Chinatown.” PCDC’s research found that 93% of business owners, 94% of residents and 95% of visitors oppose the arena. The opposition’s top concerns include gentrification, displacement, parking and traffic congestion, and the deterioration of Chinatown culture.
Protests in Philly Chinatown 
In Other Asian News 🗞
  • Thailand’s parliament has dissolved following a decree today. The declaration was initiated by Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, mere days prior to the end of the four-year House of Representatives’ term. A May general election is forthcoming and will see candidates challenging the conservative establishment which has close military associations.
Entertainment 📺
  • Lionsgate unveiled the official trailer for “Joy Ride,” a raunchy comedy starring Ashley Park, Sherry Cola, Sabrina Wu, and Oscar nominee Stephanie Hsu, on Friday. The Adele Lim-directed film tells the story of four Asian American friends who go on a wild adventure in Asia as Park’s character Audrey, an Asian adoptee, tries to learn more about where she comes from. She is joined by her college friend-turned-Chinese soap star Kat (Hsu), her wild and flippant childhood best friend Lolo (Cola), and Lolo’s cousin Deadeye (Wu). Hijinks ensue as the four do everything from impersonating K-pop stars to encountering an American drug mule in China.
Ashley Park (left), Stephanie Hsu (right) in "Joyride."
Entertainment Tonight
What else is on our minds? 🧠
  • Hulu has decided not to move forward with Ronny Chieng’s comedy pilot about the Brooklyn Nets.
  • Japanese researchers have identified a new orchid species near Hachijo Island, giving it the name Spiranthes hachijoensis. 
  • A state-sponsored matchmaking app is coming soon to China. 
  • An academic who went viral after his kids crashed his live BBC News interview six years ago has shared new photos of his family.
  • Singer and talk show host Kelly Clarkson is receiving praise for her attempts to correctly pronounce the names of TWICE’s members.

Are you disappointed by Hulu’s decision to cut Ronny Chieng’s comedy pilot?

It sounded interesting and it’s nice to support new projects. I hope they can find another service to pick the pilot up.


Daniel Anderson

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