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GoFundMe campaign for the Monterey Park shooting victims successfully raised over $1 million.   

The campaign has now officially closed. It was started by a coalition of 26 groups including Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Southern California, Stop AAPI Hate, The Asian American Foundation, and the Asian Pacific Community Fund who have vowed that the funds will be directly distributed to the victims. For those who still wish to donate, they can do so through AAAJ, Southern California.

Meanwhile, the GoFundMe campaign for the victims of the Half Moon Bay shooting is still in progress. The campaign has raised $163,686 of their $200,000 goal at the time of writing. It was organized with the support of a coalition of seven groups, including Chinese for Affirmative Action, Stop AAPI Hate, The Asian Pacific Community Fund, and The Asian American Foundation. 

Spotlight 💡
  • Washington D.C.-born, Los Angeles-based artist Julien Nguyen has partnered with luxury fashion house Loewe for its Fall/Winter 2023 Paris Fashion Week show. Nguyen is known for his off-kilter paintings which blend art history, speculative fiction, and his personal life. For Loewe, Nguyen created three artworks including a miniature watercolor on vellum of his muse Nikos decorated with symbols and messages that allude to private feelings, as well as two digital artworks featuring Nikos in a hotel in Paris. Nguyen finds tradition exciting, "not for its own sake but as like a fossil record of people trying to figure out something." 
Race in America 🌎
  • Oakland Lunar New Year and Black History month: Over 100 people gathered at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center on Saturday to celebrate Lunar New Year and Black History Month. The event was a collaboration between the Oakland Asian Cultural Center and the Malonga Arts Residence Association, aimed at creating "an intentional space for Black History and Future in Oakland Chinatown while continuing to honor AAPI cultural traditions." Destiny Muhammad, a renowned harpist and composer, headlined the live performances which also included a capoeira demonstration, poetry reading and lion dance. Attendees were also able to view the "Bandung to the Bay" exhibit, which honors the historical examples of Black and Asian solidarity and will remain in the building through February 28.


  • S.F. Chinese New Year parade: San Francisco celebrated its historic Chinese New Year parade over the weekend. The parade featured lion dances, qipao dresses and a marching band. This year’s parade was led by “Partner Track” and “Warrior” actor Rich Ting as Grand Marshal. Security was beefed up this year in light of the Monterey Park and Half Moon Bay shootings. 
S.F. Chinese New Year parade
ABC7 News Bay Area
In Other Asian News 🗞
  • Earthquake in Turkey: A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck southern Turkey early Monday, causing widespread destruction and killing over 2,400 people in the country and neighboring Syria. The quake rippled across the Middle East and was felt as far away as Egypt and Israel. It is expected to cause a new humanitarian crisis in a region already devastated by years of conflict where millions of refugees from the Syrian civil war are living in Turkey. In response to the disaster, offers of help poured in from dozens of countries, with President Joe Biden promising "any and all needed assistance."


  • Indian child marriages: Indian police arrested over 2,000 men, including 50 Hindu priests and Muslim clerics, for alleged involvement in illegal child marriages in the northeastern state of Assam. The crackdown followed 4,074 registered police cases involving about 8,000 men. Many child marriages in the state go unreported, with only 155 cases being registered in 2021, according to the National Crime Records Bureau. India's Parliament is considering legislation to raise the minimum age of marriage for women to 21, in line with the age for men, in an effort to promote gender equality and improve education and economic opportunities for women.
Devastation in Turkey
Entertainment 📺
  • Super Shum Jr.: Harry Shum Jr. will star in the DC animated film “Legion of Super-Heroes” as the 31st century superhero Brainiac 5. He will be joined by Darren Criss reprising his role as Superman within the DC animated film-shared Tomorrowverse, which started with the 2020 film “Superman: Man of Tomorrow.” This latest flick centers around Supergirl as she joins the Legion Academy in the far-off future. It comes out on Feb. 7 on streaming platforms such as Prime Video and Apple TV.   


  • SEVENTEEN’s “Second Wind”: SEVENTEEN's special unit BSS has returned with their first single album, "SECOND WIND." The unit, consisting of Seungkwan, DK, and Hoshi, presents an album meant to be a sort of workout playlist. The lead single is “Fighting (Feat. Lee Young Ji)” and B-sides include the pop R&B track “LUNCH” and “7 PM.” BSS gets their name from the acronym for “BooSeokSoon,” with each letter taken from the Korean name of the unit members. 
What else is on our minds? 🧠
  • A man will face hate crime charges after being suspected of attacking three Asian American individuals, including a 73-year-old, in San Francisco's Dolores Park. 
  • Michelle Yeoh has shared in an interview that she entered and won Miss Malaysia to shut her mother up. 
  • Simu Liu helped Twitter users and students with their accounting homework. 
  • ISU Figure Skating has named Nathan Chen the Most Valuable Skater. 
  • "Squid Game" star O Yeong-su, 78, has denied all sexual assault charges during his first trial on Friday in South Korea. 

Do you have a favorite DC animated film?

I have seen some of the Tomorrowverse, but don’t have a favorite in that universe yet. I do like “Batman: Under the Red Hood,” “Justice League: War,” “Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox,” “Justice League: The New Frontier” and “Justice League: Doom.”


Daniel Anderson

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