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Led by 15-year-old Jaslene Lai, AAPI Youth Rising is actively addressing racism by creating a one-day lesson plan on Asian American history for their peers.

The group recognizes the pivotal role education plays in combating discrimination and aims to fill the gap in Asian American history taught in schools. For example, their lesson plan includes teaching about significant events such as the Chinese Exclusion Act and Japanese incarceration during World War II. 

They have gained support from the nonprofit Alliance for a Healthier Generation and plan to reach thousands of school districts with their lesson plan, aiming to create a more inclusive and equitable educational experience.

Spotlight 💡
  • Saathvik Kannan, a 17-year-old high school student from Columbia, Missouri, has been awarded one of the prestigious Regeneron Young Scientist Awards at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair. Kannan's project, titled "Bioplex: An Innovative Biocomputational Approach to Decode the 2022 Mpox Resurgence," utilizes machine learning and 3D protein modeling to analyze the structures of the mpox virus. Through his research, Kannan identified mutations in the virus that could potentially increase its infectivity and resistance to antibiotics.
Saathvik Kannan 
Race in America 🌎
  • Asian American civil rights and advocacy organizations are demanding the resignation of San Francisco Board of Education President Kevine Boggess, alleging his support for a "racially discriminatory" selection process for the SF Parent Advisory Council. The controversy began in September 2022 when a Chinese American parent was informed of her rejection due to an alleged overflow of applications from the Chinese community. Although the Board acknowledged the "serious issues with the process," Boggess defended the selection and denied any discriminatory practices. Concerns were raised about the unresolved complaints, prompting the Board to table the slate of candidates and work with the Superintendent's office to improve the selection process. Stand with Asian Americans called for Boggess' immediate resignation. 
In Other Asian News 🗞
  • Japan has taken steps to enhance its disaster preparedness by introducing vending machines that will provide free food and drinks during major earthquakes or typhoons. Two machines have been installed in the city of Ako, an area prone to seismic activity, and are located near designated evacuation shelters. The machines, containing soft drinks, nutritional supplements and emergency food items, will be accessible without charge when heavy rain warnings or evacuation orders of a certain intensity are issued. The manufacturer, Earth Corp, plans to expand the installation of these machines throughout the country. Additionally, Tokyo has introduced a vending machine with an integrated radio that automatically broadcasts emergency information during earthquakes of a specified magnitude.
Entertainment 📺
  • Fanny, an all-female rock band founded by Filipino siblings June and Jean Millington in 1969, has made a notable impact on American music. Although they achieved critical acclaim and released five studio albums, widespread success remained elusive. The PBS documentary "Fanny: The Right to Rock" explores the band's enduring legacy and traces their ongoing creative development. Check out NextShark’s full interview with Fanny.
What else is on our minds? 🧠
  • Padma Lakshmi, the host and executive producer of Top Chef, has announced her departure from the cooking show after its 20th season.
  • Dwayne Johnson is set to make a comeback in the “Fast and Furious” universe with an upcoming standalone film centered around his character, Luke Hobbs. 
  • Las Vegas Aces assistant coach Natalie Nakase marked her WNBA head coaching debut with a win on Thursday night.
  • A recently discovered draft of Queen's “Bohemian Rhapsody” reveals that the iconic song was initially titled “Mongolian Rhapsody” with different lyrics.
  • The world's sole surviving white panda made its public debut in China's Wolong National Nature Reserve.
White Panda

Do you have a favorite “Top Chef” season?

I enjoy any of the all-star seasons or “Top Chef Masters” spin-offs. I am also currently watching the world all-stars season airing now.


Daniel Anderson

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