‘Tinder for Business’ App is Perfect for Networking and Building Companies

‘Tinder for Business’ App is Perfect for Networking and Building Companies
By Shapr
September 14, 2018
This post is sponsored by Shapr.
Your networking goals work better and smarter when you’re meeting the right people without looking in the wrong places. Networking is never about “whenever, whatever,” because your time is money and your needs are specific. Maybe you need to find an investor in San Francisco, a Sales Rep in NYC, and a Co-Founder within 10 miles of wherever you are right now.
Easier said than done right? Well, maybe once, but no longer. As the cliché goes, “there’s an app for that.”
Meet Shapr, the free business networking app that helps you meet the right people through an algorithm. In a matter of minutes you can have your account set up and begin swiping towards a better future. With the free version you will see 10-15 people in your area each day that match your goals and interest. Swipe left to pass, right to connect. If you match with someone, you can move into the chat to set up a coffee, call, or lunch. It’s that easy.
Shapr’s algorithm has the ability to put the right people in front of you. Use it to find co-founders, investors, mentors, HR professionals who are hiring, freelancers looking for clients, and anyone who syncs with your daily networking goals. A daily batch takes 2-3 minutes to swipe through and can result in life changing connections.
To tap into a vibrant community of movers and shakers, simply set up your profile for iOS or Android, plug in your LinkedIn profile and add up to 12 interests and hashtags (patents, marketing, content, investors, and startups, for starters — whatever is important to you and your future). The powerful algorithm takes into account your location, interests, and professional experience, and gets to work matching your motivations.
Shapr CEO Ludovic Huraux looks at it this way: Networking should be a joyful experience, because it’s about meeting new people. It’s not just a trick to generate more sales or find some humdrum job – we see it as a lifestyle. Connecting regularly with inspiring individuals is the key to a more meaningful, fulfilling, healthy existence. And that’s why we made an app.”
Sydney Wong, a Shapr user, is adhering to this mindset and busily building her network. “I had such great success with Shapr in terms of finding both startups and investors to join our VenturX platform,” stated Sydney.
“You can swipe left and right on people’s profile and get matched. It is especially great for B2B businesses like VenturX because it targets keywords and job titles.”
Sydney continues on to say:
I loved this app so much that I tweeted a customer testimonial video to Shapr directly. This is how you know your work is really changing the market as a busy startup, I strongly feel that we need better ways to engage with our new prospects and leads that is accessible and convenient. Shapr provides all those benefits for free so that is why I featured it on this popular post that turned out to be our most successful post among the startup community.”
Whether you are into serendipitous or goal-oriented network, download Shapr today to get started!
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