Shanghai’s Insane 5 Star Luxury Underground Hotel is Almost Complete

A luxury hotel is currently being built in an 80-meter (262-foot) abandoned quarry in Shanghai’s Songjiang District, and it is beginning to look similar to the original concept art.

The Shimao Wonderland InterContinental Quarry Hotel has been under construction for more than six years, according to Shanghaiist.

Thanks to a team of 5,000 architects, engineers, designers and workers, the luxury hotel boasts 380 rooms in 19 floors, two of which will be underwater.

It expects 500,000 visitors to experience the one-of-a-kind setting every year.

The Sheshan Shimao Quarry Hotel expects a total cost of more than 1 billion yuan ($157.96 million), and will offer an underwater restaurant, extreme sports activities such as rock climbing and cable sliding, and all the amenities that can be found at any five star hotel, China Daily reported.

There’s no official date as of yet. But Chief Engineer Chen Xiaxiang and his team, along with Atkins, the company behind the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, hope to finish sometime in 2018.

The given timeframe seems a bit ambitious, considering this is what they are aiming to build.

The country’s efficiency in building an infrastructure is not surprising, since 1,500 workers managed to build the Nanlong Railway Station in Longyan, southeastern China’s Fujian Province, in just nine hours on Jan. 19.

Images via China News

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